EXCLUSIVE Similarity to White & Case ‘purely coincidental’ says White and Brief

An Indian firm called 'White and Brief' has said that its similarity to US firm 'White & Case' is a pure coincidence.

White and Brief is a Mumbai firm founded in 2018. Despite having a name that closely resembles White & Case, the firm is adamant that it hasn't done an Aldi and knocked-off the US firm's name.

"Although, there is a stark similarity between the name of the Firm and that of 'White & Case', this is purely coincidental and we have not derived any inspiration from the name 'White & Case' in coming up with our Firm's name," CEO Rohini Das told RollOnFriday.

When asked how the firm got its name, Das explained: "The 'White' in White & Brief stands for 'Purity, Integrity & Transparency' and 'Brief' stands for 'Dedicated Solution-Oriented, Client-Centric Service'."

Das added, "the philosophy that drives the Firm is deeply rooted in endeavouring to provide best-in-class services to the clients by a dedicated team of highly-skilled and experienced lawyers who come from the best of pedigree".

To be fair to White and Brief, it's not in the same league as this Freshfields rip-off.  And based on its name and URL - www.whiteandbriefs.com - the firm is more likely to be mistaken as an underwear retailer than the US firm.

A spokesman for White & Case declined to comment. Everyone else kept their fingers crossed for a merger and the dawn of White & BriefCase.

Dated: February 26, 2021

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