White Collar Crimes-Compliances

We specialize in assisting clients with regulatory compliance and legal representation against allegations of wrongdoings, fraud, insider trading, unauthorized transaction, defamation, email and internet fraud, money laundering and governance related issues, amongst others. We advise clients in navigating through various regulatory risks and assist with protecting the reputation and business operations from potential criminal, civil and regulatory liability and help conduct business ethically, without sacrificing profitability. We also advice clients on the best regulatory risk mitigation techniques by providing comprehensive legal audit and periodic internal examination and liaise with various Indian regulatory bodies for providing comprehensive advisory support in White Collar Crimes and Compliance & Investigation matters.

We have been at the forefront of designing defence strategies and pragmatic legal recourses to defend clients that include high-profile individuals, politicians, bureaucrats and reputed organizations against allegations of forgery, money laundering, tax evasion, company law contraventions, FEMA violations, criminal defamation and various compliance-related issues including investigations by the Economic Offenses Wing and Central Bureau of Investigation.

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